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Upskirt - Changing from dress and nylons to pjs

Floor POV, watch as Sammy removes her yellow dress, nude nylons, white cotton panties, and white bra and changes into more comfy pajamas.

Featuring: CanadianSammy

play-button 07:58

Unaware Dressing For Work

Watch from 4 different angles, as Sammy, wearing nothing but a white robe does her hair and makeup in the bathroom. She puts on white cotton panties and a nude bra and continues to get ready. She walks down the hall into her closet, where she puts on nude nylons, a white blouse, a black pencil skirt, and a pink blazer. She then puts on black pumps, and leaves for work, completely unaware that you were watching the entire time.

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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After Work Unaware UnDress

Sammy gets home from work wearing heels, white cotton panties, nude nylons and a white bra under her yellow dress. She undresses in her closet, then slips into her comfy pajamas, unaware that you are watching the entire time.

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Get Your Pop Rocks Off

Watch as Sammy Shayne and LaLa Capri make out whilst eating Pop Rocks. Lots of tongue and spit play, this one is not to be missed! Shot and Edited by the incomparable Allie Eve Knox.

2 girls

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Flogging, Paddling and Deep Throating

Nothing is better than when Lala and Sammy are together!! This time though, Lala's been a bad girl, so it's time for Sammy to teach her a serious lesson. In the form of spanks, paddling and flogging. After all that hard work, both girls deserve a treat! Who do you think can put a 14" cock all the way down her throat? Watch to find out!

2 girls

Featuring: MasquedDolly

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For my Foot Freak

Sammy's boyfriend is away, and she will play with her girlfriend Koko! They decide to film a video for Sammy's Foot Freak boyfriend while splashing around in the pool! This one is for the foot lovers of the world!


Featuring: MasquedDolly

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Sammy spanks, paddles and flogs Lala Capri

The action continues to heat up in Portland when Lala and Sammy decide to go for round 2! Lots of paddling, spanking, flogging, kissing and some deepthroat fun too!

Featuring: MasquedDolly

play-button 11:05

Sammy Fucks Koko

The moment you've long awaited is finally here! Koko and Sammy have a brand new toy - the Revolver! Koko's been such a good guest, Sammy thinks it's time for her reward! She starts by passionately kissing her, then inserts the Revolver so that Koko can suck then ride. If you like POV reverse cowgirl - get ready for a hot asshole all up in your face!

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Sammy's 30th Birthday Cake Smash

It's Sammy's 30th birthday and she is celebrating in style! Watch as she smashes not one, but four cakes all over her sexy body!

2 girls Birthday

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Lala and Sammy Paddling, Flogging and Deep Throat Contest Full Show

Nothing is better than when Lala and Sammy are together!! This time though, Lala's been a bad girl, so it's time for Sammy to teach her a serious lesson. In the form of spanks, paddling and flogging. After all that hard work, both girls deserve a treat! Who do you think can put a 14" cock all the way down her throat? Watch to find out!

Featuring: MasquedDolly, CanadianSammy

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Feet tickling in pink pantyhose

Sammy gets her feet tickled for 5 minutes straight wearing nothing but pink pantyhose

Featuring: Patrick Shayne, CanadianSammy

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Sucking Your Cock in the Shower - So much Spit!

Mmmm, Sammy just can't help herself, she has to get on her knees in the shower and cover your cock in her spit while sucking you off.


Featuring: CanadianSammy

play-button 13:37

You are my Human Ashtray now

Naked and bound before me, you have one job in life now, to be my human ashtray. So stick out that tongue for me!


Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Sammy Shaves the Soles of her Feet

Ever wanted to watch Sammy shave her soles to get them nice and smooth? They are so rough right now! See how many shavings come falling off!


Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Sammy and Lala all Oiled Up and Ready to Fuck 4K

Watch as Sammy and Lala slowly and sensually cover each other's bodies in baby oil, while teasing and kissing. They then allow their fingers to wander, and take turns finger fucking each other until they cum like crazy. THIS VIDEO IS SO HOT!!!

2 girls

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Birthday Cake Group Show

Watch Sammy smash not one but three cakes on her birthday!


Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Sammy's White Panties UpSkirt

Be a peeping tom while you enjoy Sammy's white panties upskirt from the floor POV.


Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Barefoot Victory Pose

It's Sammy's job to make sure her boss gets his papers signed, at any cost necessary. Once she brings her victim to the ground, she places her bare feet on his chest and makes him sign.

Featuring: Patrick Shayne, CanadianSammy

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Sissy Cuckold JOI

The Bachelorette Party edition!! Hubby doesn't want to stay home while the girls go out to play, so he's got to get dressed up, and be very okay with the boys wifey wants to bring home and fuck!

2 girls Sissy Sissification

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Chicago Snapchat Adventures with Lala Capri

Did you miss all the hot action while I was in Chicago with Lala for Exxxotica? Catch all of our snaps, both censored and uncensored from the weekend! Too hot to miss!

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Sammy and Lala Ride The Tremor

Nothing is hotter than riding The Tremor, except for letting your girlfriend take control. Sammy and Lala decide to relax after a long day with multiple, sweaty orgasms on the new purple Tremor!

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Blue Panties Upskirt

Be a peeping tom while you enjoy Sammy's blue panties upskirt from the floor POV.

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Sammy Cleans Her Windows and Shows Whale Tail

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Ultimate Foot Ignore

Watch as Sammy and Koko Katana do a cam show for some real men, while you sit on the floor ignored

Barefoot 2 girls

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Punishing Princess

Patrick and Sammy Shayne teach their little MasquedDolly a lesson

Sparkling Wine Spanking Whipping Fetish

Featuring: Patrick Shayne, MasquedDolly

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Stripping, sucking and cumming

Watch the highlights of Sammy's live show on CAM4 where she strips, teases, dances, cums with a hitachi and sucks her Bad Dragon Tyson dildo! Set to music!

Live Show

Featuring: CanadianSammy

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Scrubbing Sisters

Zhaddie Grey and Sammy Strips wash off their CAM4 body paint after the Slutwalk in LA

2 girls

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Zhaddie Grey and Sammy Shayne do Exxxotica Chicago 2017 CAM4

Watch as Zhaddie Grey and Sammy Shayne check out Chicago Exxxotica 2017 with CAM4! Make sure to come by our booth and check us out at Exxxotica New Jersey, Nov 3-5, 2017

2 girls

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Redhead Reveal

That's right - Sammy's got a new hair color! For those of you with a love for redheads - it's your lucky day! Watch Sammy dance around to reveal her new hair!!


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Foot Compilation SammyStrips

My soft, pale 7.5 feet are nothing but beautiful. Check out this compilation including clips from my of the foot videos I have for sale. Enjoy a mixture of pantyhose, lotion, baby oil, pantied toes, high arches, feet smoking, sock fetish and even dirty sock fetish!!

Feet Barefoot

Featuring: JJ