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We're All Going To Sit On You! Part 3

Once or twice every year, dominatrixes and fetish stars get together for a big convention. This year, the lowly Queendom slave has been brought along to have his face crushed, flattened, and smothered for five days! It will be the ultimate test for this lifelong furniture slave, can he survive being smothered by 12 different women? There's only one way to find out... Mistress An Li has enjoyed her time at the Femdom convention and she's put her human furniture slave through quite a lot of smothering, but unfortunately its time for her to head home. However, that doesn't mean her slave's smother marathon is over, far from it! An Li has decided to leave the slave with a friend, Mistress Lana Luxor for a day or two until she's ready to pass him off to yet another Mistress! An Li starts by showing Lana how she likes to facesit and trample the slave, but Mistress Lana is also quite familiar with the art of ass smothering (and she's well equipped for it too)! Lana quickly plops her juicy bubble butt down on the slave's face. "You're good at this!" An Li says, approving of the way Lana grinds and bounces her ass on the slave, crushing his big nose. "Maybe by the end of all this his face will be totally flat!" The mistresses take turns smothering the slave's face and crushing his chest and stomach, feeding off each other's aggression! "Let's put him to the test!" Lana shouts while standing on his chest! This slave will be lucky to survive his stay with Lana Luxor, how can he possibly survive all of the Mistresses still to come??

Facesitting Trample An Li Ass Smother Mummified Bondage Lana Luxor

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Megans New Ass Slave

"I bet you're wondering why I shrunk you huh?" Mistress Megan Jones asks as she towers over you. You see, Megan used to have another shrunken man who she kept trapped between her big, juicy ass cheeks all of the time, but one day he disappeared! "That's where you come in," she says matter of factly. She knows you're an ass man. She's seen the way you stare at her big, beautiful ass at the gym and she's sure you'd make an excellent shrunken ass slave! "Does it intimidate you?" she asks, taking a seat directly in front of you. You're going to be swallowed alive between her luscious cheeks. It will be dark, hot, sweaty, and you'll constantly be squeezed so tightly that you won't be able to move... But she knows you'll love it. Or you'll at least learn to love it, over time. Every man has his breaking point and no matter how much you may think you want to be free, eventually you will become completely addicted to Megan's ass. Get ready little man, your new life as an ass slave begins now!

Giantess Megan Jones Ass Slave Ass Smother Leggings

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Life Debt: Breathe In Her Ass

Riot Starter's captured smother slave is adjusting well to his new life so far. If fact, the slave handled a week in her smotherbox so well that she decided it was time to take things up a notch! So she zipped the slave into a tight, inescapable sleep sack and moved him to a bed, now she can really put her full weight on the slave! Riot Starter starts off with some sexy reverse facesitting, locking her feet behind the slave's head to make sure his face is completely sealed into her ass. She grinds and bounces on the slave's face as she tells him the good news: She has the whole weekend off from work and she's going to spend it all on her favorite slave's face! By the end of the weekend this slave will either be completely broken in or just completed broken and ready to be thrown out! When she switches to forward facesitting she squeezes the slave's head tightly between her thighs as she smothers his face. Its going to be a very long weekend for the slave, but Riot Starter actually has a lot of emails and messages to catch up on and after awhile she begins to forget all about the helpless slave struggling beneath her...

Facesitting Smother Ass Smother Sleepsack Riot Starter

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Kick and Scream If You Want

Its late and the giantess Goddess Bella Bathory is sleeping. Being such a pervy little man you thought that you could sneak onto Her bed and explore Her divine body without being noticed... You were wrong. The Goddess was not quite asleep and She immediately feels you attempting to climb up Her leg. Quickly, She snatches you up, eager to teach you a lesson for violating Her privacy. In a way its actually fortunate that you're here, Bella has a hard time sleeping when she's hungry! What better way to teach you a lesson than to swallow you alive and let you be digested in Her stomach? She's sure that not only will you regret your actions, you'll never bother another Goddess again! Bella graciously gives you a quick tour of her heavenly body, showing you places you may soon be a part of... The Goddess can feel you struggling down her throat. She encourages you to fight as long as you can, the feeling is actually quite soothing! Bella squeezes her ass and laughs as she thinks about where your remains will be in the morning. Bella quickly falls asleep, happy as Her body gets to work digesting you! The video ends with a short night shot of Bella sound asleep as you hear Her stomach digesting you.

Giantess Vore Bella Bathory Amethyst Mars

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